Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Know It's Spring When...

I wonder how often the neighbors talk about us and question our sanity. I'm sure it was an occasional topic of conversation last year when we planted the two large trees. And maybe again yesterday when we raked. "What so odd about raking?" you may wonder. Well, nothing if you're raking the yard. But our yard was already pretty leaf free. Yesterday, we raked the mulch. Mulch is a tricky thing. We like the look, but it breaks down. Every year, a little more needs to be added to keep it looking nice. In the meantime, the old mulch has acquired a blanket of leaves and pine needles. And the decayed mulch provides fertile ground for dandelions and other weeds.
Another problem with mulch is that the dog brought a cubic yard or two into the house during the winter on his fur. So we raked the top layer of leaves and pine needles and left as much mulch as possible. I'm sure the neighbors wondered. One of them came over to say hello and said something about our youthful ideas and making everyone else look bad. I think it was a compliment. :)

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Keetha said...

I love your yard!!!