Monday, April 13, 2009

If Walls Could Talk

When I was looking for the picture of the old toy collection, I came across a few others. What should have taken 5 minutes has now sucked up almost an hour as I look through the old pictures on my back up drive.
One day while I was teaching summer school, my mom, aunt, and grandmother started stripping the wallpaper in the guest room and my bathroom (thank you!!!). They called on the way home to tell me they had a surprise for me. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, until I walked in and saw this on the bathroom wall. It was there under the wallpaper! It's the beginnings of quite a farm scene and what isn't painted is penciled in. If you look closely, you can still see the rainbow a little as I didn't sand very well before I painted. Very curious! I wonder what the painter was thinking?


Keetha said...

I've seen murals like this on the walls of children's rooms. I don't particularly WANT one in my house, but I do rather like that scene.

connie ferguson said...

Boy, do I remember this day!!!!!!! Con

Dawn said...

In the bathroom???