Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crawfish-Fest 2009

Last Saturday, Melanie, Dale, and Kevin hosted the 2009 Crawfish Fest. I wasn't brave enough to take the picture below - David did that. I did get close enough to check out the creepy-crawlies in the cooler. Ick! Scotty isn't as afraid of being touched by a crawfish as I am I guess!
There were lots of other tasty things to eat - like corn that wasn't boiled with the crawfish.

Look! No hands!
So how about it? Have you eaten crawfish before? What did you think? Spell check doesn't like "crawfish." What do you call 'em?

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Keetha said...

I haven't eaten them the "right" way. Once our kids caught a bunch of them at the lake and we boiled them and dipped their little tails in butter. They were tasty.

I think they're spelled crayfish, but most people call them crawfish.