Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

The recent changes at our house have prompted a new wave of home improvement. Nothing major, but cleaning up a few things. Last weekend I cleaned and shined the hardwood floors with Rejuvenate. A large dog and sunlight had really taken its toll on the wood floors, especially in front of the doors and windows on the east side of the house. Rejuvenate is the best thing I've found so far to make it look better.
The plan to keep the Discovery in the garage requires some changes in the garage configuration. David really wants to expand the garage, but for now we need to work with the space we have. Somehow, we have A LOT of stuff in the garage! Yesterday we embarked on the beginning of the garage project. David made a cool rack to hold the kayaks on the wall. It looks great! He even hung a kayak advertising banner behind them. While he was working on that, I emptied 21 full and partial gallons of paint into three 5 gallon buckets. All that paint had been left when we moved in. Thank you old owners! I can understand leaving a bit of the paint used in the house when you move for touch ups, but there was a ridiculous amount of paint for that use. I think I emptied the full rainbow into those buckets. There were 4 gallons of a color called Sunwashed Clay - a hideous color that I painted over soon after we moved in - wonder what they were planning to do with all that? I salvaged two gallons of a really pretty olive color and one gallon of light yellow. I can use those for something. The rest is headed to the hazardous waste place. Did I mention my gratitude to the old owners for that gift?
Today, I painted the inside of the back door in my favorite neutral - Eddie Bauer Wicker. Can you see the difference? The door on the left hasn't been painted, the door on the right has. It doesn't look dramatically different now that it's done, but it is neater and cleaner looking.
I resisted the temptation to paint the pantry in the new olive color, but not until I'd already emptied most of the shelves onto the dining room table. I decided that 2:00 on a Sunday is a little late to begin that project, so I cleaned the empty shelves and put it all back. That was a close call!

Hope you've all had equally exciting weekends! :)


David said...

Another 3 or 4 days in our hot-as-hell garage and we should have it licked. And to think this started with a very simple goal - to get a second car in a two car garage.

It will be nice to get this project over and done with.


David said...

Floors and doors are looking good.

Good looking;)


Erin said...

Thank you! :) Aren't you glad to hear that I didn't do the pantry today? It was a close call!

Keetha said...

That garage is impressive! And I'm enjoying living vicariously through your home improvement projects.