Monday, August 17, 2009

Distracted By Shiny Things

This lovely bit of rusty metal is our former kitchen faucet. Last Sunday (because things always break on Sundays), I noticed a small puddle on the kitchen floor. I traced it, I thought, to one of the pipes under the sink. David has never professed to be a plumber, but when he got home, he changed out that pipe. He did a bang up job, but...still leaking. So he changed another pipe. Still leaking. After much fussing and a WHOLE lot of cussing, he determined that the leak was coming from the faucet.
After picking a new faucet, my dear non-plumbing husband changed installed the new one. It works great and looks good! AND, as an added bonus, now we have a sprayer. Thank you David!

1 comment:

David said...

Is that a Discovery peeking it's tail end in the window of that second picture?

Oh-Yea -
Nice spicket.