Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Home for Holly

Today Holly has a new home. I will miss this sweet kitty who adopted our yard as her new home back in October. One cold night, Outside Kitty as she was then known, stood looking in the back door at the warm, cozy animals inside. I couldn't stand it. She became Inside Kitty and then Holly. I really didn't intend to keep her, even after she was spayed and caught up on her shots at the vet. But, I didn't try very hard to find her a new home. On a good day, our other two cats tolerated her. On a bad day, I woke up to the sounds of cats fighting - and not in a playful way. Despite Holly's sweetness, it just wasn't working to have a third kitty. So sadly I e-mailed friends and family, seeking a new home for Holly. Our good friend Patty responded. Her mom's cat had recently died, and her mom was looking for a new kitty. It was a good solution to several problems. Patty and her mom picked Holly up today. I tried hard not to, but I will have to admit to shedding a tear or two. I'm just crazy about that cat. Unfortunately, Henrietta and Gracie did not agree. Now Holly has a good home with no other cats and one dog. Her new person will be home more than we are and will love her just as much as I do. And, Patty will even keep me updated on Holly, now Blondie, and all her activities. I'll miss you sweet Holly!


MOM said...

I was afraid to check the blog knowing there would be a Holly farewell but did you have to add her picture? Too much....too soon.
Love, MOM

Erin said...

But it's such a good picture of her! Patty called today and Holly/Blondie/and now Callie is settling in nicely. I do miss her though!