Sunday, April 25, 2010

On The Road Again

The nice thing about driving instead of flying on our vacation was the chance to see interesting things along the road. David is always happy to stop so we can take some pictures. If you click on the picture below, you can see that it says "Have you slept in a wigwam lately?" under the Wigwam Motel sign.
Old cars were parked in front of some of the wigwams to add to the appeal. The wigwam motel seemed pretty busy and some people were relaxing in their wigwams with the front door open so we got a sneak peak inside. Nothing fancy, but pretty unique!

We took a two-lane highway between Las Vegas, NM and Tucumcari. As we turned onto the highway outside Las Vegas, a sign said "No Gas 74 Miles." What the sign may as well have said was "Nothing...74 miles." The land was dry and flat as far as you could see - which was pretty far. The sky - huge. On the GPS, we saw that the road was about to get really curvy. Why, when it appeared that we were driving across Kansas minus the grain? Ah! As we rounded the first big curve, we saw the breathtaking view in the picture above. That alone was worth getting off the beaten path for a while.
There were lots of interesting abandoned buildings along the way. This one was especially appealing, but the number of beer bottles and cans laying around makes me think that it isn't always so abandoned.
I really think I'm done with school, but this school in Phoenix is very tempting!

Update: I saw this on today - "A contented man is one who enjoys the scenery along the detours." Love that!


Keetha said...

"Have you slept in a wigwam lately?"


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I think I WANT to sleep in a wigwam SOON!!! That is really cute and looks so fun.

You CRACKED me up!!! I'm SOOOOOOO glad you took Bearlish in college, and I LOVE your translation:

"We are so glad it's spring! What a long winter. Is anyone else famished?"

I think I MIGHT have to add you to the Brunhilda and Borris saga as a translator!!!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Is the wigwam air conditioned?

RUN, don't walk, to my blog - - -

Anonymous said...

I so prefer driving to flying, and this is exactly why! This, and not having to sit with a bunch of strangers...