Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Signs of Flagstaff

We're home now from a great vacation. It's nice to be home with the pets.

We spent a couple of hours in Flagstaff when we were in the area last summer, but it was getting too dark to take pictures. We were back this trip on a gorgeous blue afternoon. The sky was just as bright blue as the pictures show. I love Flagstaff. It's the home of Northern Arizona University, and seems to be a bit of a hippy town. Flagstaff is on the original Route 66 and it's a bit like stepping back in time. I can't imagine why the signs weren't changed to something new and modern, but what a great thing that they weren't. The signs (oh, and the weather) may be my favorite thing about the town.

We saw a sign at the visitor center that said the railroad connecting Springfield, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean is directly responsible for the town of Flagstaff.

Chop suey? At the Grand Canyon Cafe? I'm not sure I see that connection, but the sign is cool!
The Tourist Home sign may be my favorite. AND...the building it's attached to is for sale! It needs some work, but oh, the potential. Delicious!

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Keetha said...

Oh, oh, oh! Love those signs! What a fun post.

I lived in Arizona for a few years when I was in junior high. We drove up to Flagstaff, Jerome, Sedona, etc., a few times. I did not take note of the cool signs! So glad you did. :-)