Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 1 - Missouri to Ohio

Our friend Kevin recently moved to a little town in western Ohio, so we spent our first night with him in his new place. He gave us a thorough tour of the town and area around it. It could have been Mayberry. It was the weekend of the town's annual Community Picnic, which begins on Thursday and has events and activities through Sunday evening. We've all been a little worried about him moving to such a small town, but I feel better now. A larger town nearby has a beautiful lake and a Wal-Mart. What more could anyone need? There are beautiful old churches on nearly every corner, and at least one place that serves really tasty burgers and fries. There's also a little shop called the Salt Box something or other which was conveniently closed when we arrived in town and strangely our route out of town didn't pass by it. Maybe next time! Thank you for the hospitality, Kevin! We'll be back!

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