Monday, August 23, 2010


My friend Robyn moved into a new house last weekend. I went over to see it and see if I could help. I got the very fun job of helping her do a little arranging and such - my favorite thing! I wasn't inspired to move -way too much work. But I was inspired to hang a few things here and to clean a bit.This afternoon I hung up a couple of souvenir plates that my mom gave me. I haven't used them here, so they've just been sitting in a drawer.
I also hung up one of the vacation pictures that I had enlarge - it's the bottom picture. Yes, Gracie helped.
I also gave the guest room a good cleaning. After trying a couple of different looks for the bed this summer, I put the original bedspread back on. I decided I liked it best.


Keetha said...

I love those photos - your house is so good-looking. Very inviting!

Amelia said...

It looks lovely!