Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 6 - Bangor to Portland, Maine

After leaving Bangor, we headed for Highway 1 which winds through the coastal towns of Maine. We stopped at this state park for a break and a quick picture before it started to rain.The weather started to lighten up a bit and we stopped at this picturesque town to look around and buy a Christmas ornament. I bought an ornament on our first trip together 10 years ago and that has since become my souvenir search wherever we go. We left Highway 1 for a bit to explore Boothbay Harbor. This used to be a family summer house - wouldn't that be a neat place to spend a summer?
One of the must-eat foods on our trip was lobster rolls in Maine. I don't really eat much (any) seafood, but I ordered one anyway. And it was GOOD! Looking at this picture makes me want another. I'm sure that eating outside in the salt air watching the water had a little something to do with how much I liked it.

We stopped at L.L. Bean in Freeport. That is quite a place! Three large buildings full of Bean goodness. Our big purchase was a bed for Riley. Good news is that this bed will last forever, as he has shown no interest in it at all. Oh well, looks cute!Our next stop was dinner at my cousin Mike's house with his family, my aunt Beverly, and cousin Cathy. Dinner was delicious and lots of fun. We spent the night at my aunt's house, which was a welcome relief after so many nights of hotels.

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Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Maine is one place we've never been, and I would LOVE to go. That lobster roll looks delicious, and I DO love seafood.