Monday, May 27, 2013

Buffett or Bust

Earlier this month, we set out with friends to see Jimmy Buffett in concert in Frisco, TX...again.  David and I were there 2 years ago just before the Joplin tornado.  We were also there in 2007 for yet another Buffett concert.  I'm always afraid that each will be the last.  I hate the thought of him retiring, but I suppose it will happen sooner or later!
 Friday night, we decided to check out Billy Bob's for some barbecue and a concert by The Band Perry.  The food was good, the music was okay, but the people watching was the highlight of the evening.  Lots of interesting sights and outfits!

 Saturday morning, we headed to Ikea.  For David, Christina, and I, it was a first.  I loved it!  I especially grew attached to this little chaise.  It was so comfy!
 David liked this leather couch.  He's just pretending to sleep...I think!
 We had dinner at La Hacienda Ranch before the concert.  We all agreed - incredible food.  It was so delicious that I'm still thinking about it.  The mango margarita wasn't half bad either!
 We had seats in different places at the concert, but it was still lots of fun!  Jimmy puts on a great concert every single time.  I hope we get to see him again!

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