Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Overland Expo and Flagstaff

May has been a busy month for us.  A couple weeks after our trip to Dallas, we headed to Arizona for the annual Overland Expo.  David and I both have a little trouble explaining what it is.  I tell people that it's like a trade show for extreme camping.  It's extreme to me anyway. ;)  
 This cool trailer is more my idea of roughing it!
 While David looked around at vehicle stuff with our friend Dan, I admired the beautiful evergreens.  I'd like to have this in my backyard!
 There was more than enough to keep Dan and David occupied for most a day!
 Once they'd seen all there was to see, we went into Flagstaff for dinner.  As we were walking from the still functioning depot, a rumbling sound told us this guy was near.  I don't think I've ever been quite that close to a fast moving train before!  It could blow your hat right off!
The next day, David and I headed out on a scenic drive by way of dirt road to Sedona to see his cousin, Paula Jean and her husband Jess.  Dan and Leila went to the Grand Canyon, then we met back up in Page, Arizona for the next leg of our adventure.

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