Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunning in Sedona

The views from the dirt road leading from Munds Park to Sedona were incredible.  Each turn brought another view of the amazing red rocks.  
 At Dan and Leila's suggestion, we stopped at a shop we'd not been to before:  Silver Sun West.  It was a really cool place with lots of neat things, like these pots from Mexico.
 I loved these chile ristras, but they were pretty dry and we didn't think they'd make the trip very well.  A picture will just have to do. :)
 David even found some art that he'd like to have, like this giant bolt and nut set.  No idea what it was for, just a conversation piece I guess!
 We've been to Sedona several other times, but we'd never been up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It's open to the public 7 days a week.  It's built right into the rocks, and has great views of the area.  I can't remember seeing blooming cactus before.  I thought they were pretty!

 We enjoyed lunch with David's cousin Paula Jean and her husband Jess.  He's on the left.  The man on the right thought Jess looked just like Franklin Roosevelt and asked to have his picture taken with him.  The fun didn't end there though...the man's girlfriend wasn't all that adept at using her phone and just kept taking pictures of her thumb.  We finally got that worked out, and she got a few pictures.  We thought we'd escaped them, but they found Jess again outside and wanted more pictures.  It made for a memorable lunch! To think, lunch with a deceased president!  Who knew? :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the places we "scouted out" before you arrived. We enjoyed the Silver Sun West "art gallery" a little too much. Dan & Leila