Monday, September 15, 2014

Celebrating Another Year

I turned another year older on Saturday.  Well, I suppose really it's only one day older, but now if anyone dare ask my age, I have a new number to tell them.  It's certainly better than the alternative!
 I started my birthday with a chilly but pleasant walk on the track at the Y.  Then we headed off in search of the great pumpkin!  We found several great pumpkins at my favorite pumpkin getting spot in Jane.  I thought Riley might enjoy a ride in the wagon, but...nope!
 We took the scenic route home through Eureka Springs, then had dinner at Cantina Laredo.
It was a great birthday!

The celebration of birthday week continued last night with dinner with Mom and Dad at the White River Fish House in Branson. My fish tasted just like chicken fried chicken!  It was delicious!  I love the decor of anything Bass Pro does, and the WRFH was no exception.  They should probably hire me to shop for the neat old stuff that they use in their stores and restaurants!


Anonymous said...

We are sorry we missed your and David's birthdays. We are wishing two of our special "young" friends Happy Belated Birthdays. Dan & Leila

Erin said...

Thank you, Dan and Leila! :)