Thursday, September 11, 2014

Feeling Crafty

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I tend to assign a little too much personality to inanimate objects, so when this cool basket languished at my friend's garage sale after 2 days and a price reduction, I had to claim it.  Its first life was as a baby bassinet long ago and I couldn't stand for it not to have a good home. ;)  Can you see how this feeling sorry for objects might be a problem? 

I liked the white paint on it and the natural distressing provided by age, but to go in this particular spot, I thought a dark color would work better. it is!  I painted it with a Martha Stewart paint I found at Michaels.  It's supposed to have a matte chalk finish that works well for distressing.  As I painted, I realized how long it's been since I worked on some sort of crafty project.  While painting something solid black might not really get the creative juices flowing, I had a good time painting!
After letting it dry overnight, I took some fine sandpaper to it for some aging.  Here it's not that it's really that much lighter than in the above picture, but the sun was shining on it from the window in the picture below.
 More often than not, the end result that is in my head is seldom the end result that I actually get.  It's usually a little disappointing.  But this...THIS turned out just like I pictured!
I will have to admit...I turned on the dining room light this morning just to admire it one more time.


Anonymous said...

Glad I got to see the real thing and not just a picture! Very creative! And also glad that we celebrated your birthday and David's birthday at the White River Fish Company. Good food and good times! Love, MOM

Erin said...

It was a great birthday celebration! Thank you! And thank you for our birthday goodies!

Cyndee said...

Love it! Very nice!

Canary Street Crafts said...

It's amazing what a couple coats of paint can do! It's a gorgeous basket, I'm so glad you rescued it! -Amy

Jamie @ anderson + grant said...

Some chalk paint and distressing can freshen up just about anything. Your basket turned out great! Thank you so much for linking up today and for sharing our link at the beginning of your post!