Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Come In and Sit a Spell

Progress on the Year of the House is coming along nicely.  The gutters have been cleaned and the siding has been power washed.  The 3 dead/dying trees have been removed, stumps ground, and new trees planted - the Fremont Garden blog has more on that.
 Since last summer, we've been looking for the "just right" leather furniture to replace our couch and a chair.  I'm beyond picky, and we just never found quite what we wanted.
 Last Saturday, we just had a couple of hours to kill, so we dropped by one of the furniture stores we'd looked at before.  We wandered through the showroom, not finding much of interest.
 Then we walked through the clearance center.  I firmly believe that there is more really ugly furniture in the world than attractive furniture.  But then, there it was...
 The floor model of a set we'd looked at last summer.  Full-grain leather - the most likely to survive life with a dog.  It was not pristine, but I was okay with that since we planned to live on it not just look at it.  We came home to measure and picture what it might look like, then headed back the next day to load it up.  Thank you to Todd for helping get it moved into the house!
 We're doing our best to protect it from the critters, and so far so good.  It seems to be pretty tough and easy to clean.  A nice bonus is that the house smells like leather every time we walk in!


Anonymous said...

Nice, looks great. Leila

Anonymous said...

New furniture looks beautiful
against the other warm browns
in that room! Worth the wait!
Love, MOM