Thursday, April 9, 2015

St. Patrick's Parade 2015

Since before I met David, he has been a devoted fan of the St. Patrick's Day parade.  It's been quite a while since he and Todd had the old firetruck in the parade, but we never miss a chance to be spectators, no matter the weather.
 I hope that our friends' kids will have fond memories of these parade days!
 Emily even got to ride a pony for a little while in the parade when a church friend spotted her.
 Best dressed St. Pat's family!
 The remote controlled scale models (which I fondly refer to as David and Todd's toy cars) were a bit hit with boys both big and small.  Colby had a pretty big grin when the controls were turned over to him!

 Derek discovered the "selfie stick" which made for a lot of pictures taken from this angle! ;)
I always enjoy this day and think of it as the beginning of spring...even though it rarely feels very spring-like. :)


Dawn said...

SOOOO glad we were able to make it this year!!! I tradition I hate that we miss sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Love all of the green!
And I don't think I previously
mentioned how cute you look in the pics. :)
Looks like fun!
Love, MOM

Erin said...

Aw, thank you Mom!