Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring in the Woods

Saturday we enjoyed the cool spring day with a drive in the woods with a couple of other folks.  
The recent rains meant there was plenty of water for Riley to explore - dripping off rocks and standing in pools.
One of the people with us knew the area well and showed us some neat things like this cave.
Riley took every chance he got to get his feet in the water.
Some people saw this old oil pan as a good target, but if it was just a little deeper, I thought it would make a neat planter. ;)
There were lots of little bits of wildflower color in the woods.
It was a cool but beautiful day to get out and explore!


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have gone on the drive too. Dan & Leila

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed by the
fact that you "seize the day"
and enjoy the wonders of
nature! Great memories!