Monday, April 10, 2017

Nothing Quite Like Texas

This past weekend, we made a quick trip to Texas to visit David's mom's family, including a cousin visiting from Alaska.  On the way, we made a couple of fun stops.  First, to my cousin's new antique store in Anna.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, but it was in a neat new-but-looks-old building and she had everything fixed up and displayed so cute!

After that stop, we headed on down the road and stopped again in Waco at Magnolia Market at the Silos.  We were there about an hour and a half before closing time, so we thought the crowds might be gone.  We were wrong - the store was still very busy and the line for the bakery was long.  

It was plenty of time for us to look around at the store, the garden and seed store, and see what the food trucks had to offer.  

We think we were the only people who left without a big bag of purchases. ;) 
 David spotted an empty swing, so I got to practice one of my favorite childhood pastimes.  Pumping your legs to swing higher must be like riding a bike.  I hadn't forgotten how, but I don't remember it being quite so much work as a kid! ;)

 Once we arrived in Salado, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Shed.  Then next morning we were up and at 'em early(ish) to get sausage kolaches at Creamy Donut.  Just as good as I remembered from last year!  Good thing I got all that exercise on the swing!

After some time poking around Salado and exploring the stores and flea markets, we headed out to David's grandparent's farm, which is now owned by one of his cousins.
 We enjoyed visiting with his family and looking at his grandfather's old truck.  We even met the neighbor who had purchased the truck from David's grandfather before later selling it to the cousin who has the farm.
 We had every grilled meat you can imagine for supper, and lots of it!  My favorite table was the salad and sides table - cole slaw, broccoli salad, pasta salads, deviled eggs...

The next morning, we decided that it would be a shame to be only about 45 minutes from our favorite donuts and not take a small detour to have some.  So we headed off to Round Rock Bakery before turning north and heading home.
Riley spent the weekend in the company and care of his grandparents at the lake.  He reports that he had a great time and didn't really even miss us!
We enjoyed the photo updates of his activities! :)

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Looked like a fun trip. Leila