Monday, March 27, 2017

The Biggest Show In Town

Sometimes if I ask David how his day was, the answer is something like "busy - the circus is in town."  In his case, he literally means the circus is in town.  He takes care of the tire needs of the circus whose winter quarters are just north of our town.  
The circus travels all over, but once a year does a weekend of shows close to home.
 There is just something about it that I love.  This year in particular it was the aerialists, because I just happen to be in the middle of The Orphan Train - a book about a traveling circus which is set in Europe during WWII.  The main characters are aerialists with the circus.
It was a spectacular show as always!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember your first circus?
I doubt it because you were probably
barely walking when we attended the
circus in Joplin with the Cashels.
Eraina & I were crazy enough to think
that you & Matt needed to have that
experience! Glad to know it has
become a tradition for you!!
Love, MOM

Erin said...

Between that early circus experience and my circus themed bedroom, no wonder I love the circus. :)

Anonymous said...

Great "post" as usual. Leila