Sunday, March 19, 2017

One Hundred

My Grandma recently turned 100 years old.  Hard to believe!  I heard lots of people say that she doesn't look 100, but I'm not sure what 100 is supposed to look like.  

Many years ago, Grandma (left) and Helen (who is 104), knew each other in Neosho.  Helen and her husband had moved to Monett, but later joined the same camping club as Grandma and Grandad.  Who would have guessed that many years later, they'd be neighbors in a nursing home! 
 There was a great turnout for Grandma's party.  Lots of family, but also lots of people from the Methodist church she attended in Neosho for many years.  She seemed to have a great time visiting with everyone.
 These two young men are the sons of my cousin, David.  This was our first time to meet them, and they were the kindest, sweetest boys.  I remember my cousins being pretty ornery as kids, so I'm not quite sure how this happened. ;)  David credits his wife, Amy.
 This picture of David and my Aunt Beverly cracks me up.  He looks so skeptical of whatever she's telling him!
 Cousins Mike and David.
 Uncle Lane and my cousin Sarah.
 Aunt Beverly and Grandma's neighbor.  Right after I snapped this, Beverly stuck her tongue out at me...that's the picture I really wish I'd gotten! ;)
 Weston and Marshall - sons of cousins Jennifer and Sarah
 Me and my mama.  She was busy most of the time keeping punch and cake flowing.
 Looks like some serious business!
 Lane and Aunt Opal looking through a photo album.
 Grandma and her "kids."  They're still kids, right?  The family resemblance is pretty strong, isn't it?
 Me, Grandma, and Cousin Sarah
I'm so glad we got to celebrate this milestone with Grandma.  Not many people live to be 100, and to be well enough and sharp enough to have a party and visit with so many people is pretty amazing!

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Precious memories! Leila