Saturday, March 18, 2017

We Ate Until We Could Eat No More, Then We Came Home

By Sunday, we were getting pretty tired, and I think we might have done more sitting and people watching.  We still walked about 17,000 steps though, which was about our average for the days we were there.

Sunday night was our last dinner in New Orleans, so we knew we had to make it good.  We were tempted to go back to one of the places we'd already been, since we hadn't had a bad, or even mediocre, meal yet, but we also wanted to try something new.  So off to Oceana Grill we went.
 We hadn't yet had crab cakes, so we ordered that as an appetizer.  I'll never see crab cakes the same way again, as these were served topped with a creamy gravy with chunks of crab and mushrooms.  So good!  That's a picture of David's plate above - a fried seafood sampler, and I had red beans and rice.  The sausage in the red beans and rice was very tasty.
 We're beginning to look a little tired, aren't we?
 On last trip up the stairs to our cool, quirky room.  There were 43 steps...we counted. :)
 Here's our hotel from the outside - the Inn on St. Ann.  It was such a neat place, with a friendly and helpful staff.
We had managed to spend four days in NOLA without eating beignets, but didn't feel right about leaving without this sweet little puffy treat.  After all, they're reference in several Jimmy Buffett songs...
 Good bye for now, NOLA!  I'm sure we'll be back!

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Great "travel log" (as usual). Leila