Monday, March 20, 2017

Christmas on Fremont

So I'm a little belated in getting a Christmas post up, but there were a few new decorations this year, so I'm going with better late than never.
 I still love this tree in the guest room.  This year, three ornaments were added that were Grandmother's.  The Santa was also hers, and Mom remembers it coming from a display at the drugstore where my Grandfather was a pharmacist.

I liked this little area even better this Christmas with the addition of some old and some made to look old toys.   I made the Santa pillow in the chair, the tree skirt, the Raggedy Ann doll, and the stocking (though none of those were made this year).
 Riley's room got a new tree this year.  I'm normally an all white lights kinda girl, but I thought for the Peanuts ornaments, some colored lights were in order.  The little tree came with the small colored lights, and I added a string of the bigger lights.
 After a few days of the green gingham tree skirt, I decided a Peanuts tree skirt would be more fun.  Thanks to Grandmother's sewing machine, I had one made in no time.
 This is still one of my favorite little trees. I like it's teeny lights and the way it sits in a crock.

 This poor dog has just learned that only one of the packages in the picture below is for him. ;)
 I've lost count but I think this was this tree's 12th or 13th Christmas.  It's a bear to get set up and taken down, and it's showing some signs of wear, but I still like it!
That's it for the Christmas tour in March!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read about and see Christmas decor on this 85 degree day in March. Leila