Friday, July 6, 2007

The Downing Animal Refuge

Raul has made a guest appearance in our backyard! Okay, so I don't know for sure that it was the same rabbit, but I'd like to think so. See him in the picture? He looks more like a tree root!

Yesterday morning when I went to work on pricing garage sale stuff in the garage, I was surprised by a furry critter jumping out of of a box of bungee cords and running across the toolbox. I screamed a little, then opened the garage door hoping he'd escape. I call David to report my finding. It was bigger than a mouse, so we assumed it was a rat. EW! This morning I heard the plastic bag in the garage trash can rattling when I went out. I crept carefully to the trash can and peered over the edge. Wasn't I surprised to find a chipmunk instead of a rat! I ran back to get my camera while he waited patiently. Or, maybe he was frozen with fear. Hard to say. I put the lid on the trashcan and carried it to the yard. I turned it on its side and Chip darted out of the can and across the yard. Before he ran under a bush, I think I saw him turn around and wave. Glad we didn't poison the poor little guy!

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