Friday, July 6, 2007

It Looks Like the Stars Are Dancing!

Hope everyone had a great 4th! We went to Rob's annual fireworks display - now known as Prairie Fire - on the 3rd. It was spectacular as always and bigger than ever. On the fourth, we spent the day dragging things from the attic, storage, and far reaches of the garage for a garage sale on Saturday. We stopped sweating just in time to go to Stobbe's. From there we have the best seats for the Twin Oaks fireworks display. It was great! It was fun to listen to the kids as they were no longer scared and watching from inside. Jack announced that it looked like the stars were dancing. Well said!

Here's the latest on the wedding planning:

  • We've decided on a florist - Aurora Greenhouse, Floral, and Gift. Lisa was very helpful and took the time to sit down and answer our many questions. It was fun to have our neighbor from the old house - Phyllis - join us.
  • David looked at the Discovery Center last week as a reception location, and I went today and looked. I think it just might work! It's got some kind of quirky features - such as pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling, but lots of positives as well - a separate area for dancing, plenty of free parking, and a helpful events coordinator.
  • Next comes finding a caterer - if we decide on the Discovery Center, and a DJ for the reception. It's all coming together!

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