Monday, July 30, 2007

It's here!

I love McDaniel Bridal. No silly phone message from them to say my dress has arrived. They send a letter on ivory paper to notify you of the big event. I got it on Friday and I'm so excited! MOTB and I are going this coming Friday to try it on (gulp!) and pick out shoes. Yippee! We're also going to look at the Discovery Center for the reception and hopefully give them our deposit. I would really like to be able to check Reception Location and Caterer off the to-do list!

David's sister and brother-in-law were here this weekend. Friday night we had dinner with them at his brother-in-law's sister's house and Saturday morning we went back for brunch before they headed home. We don't see them very often, and it's always nice to get caught up. Saturday afternoon we went to Carthage and caught the last few moments of the British car show taking place around the square.'s my favorite time of the year - The Ozark Empire Fair! We went last night and ate our way through the fairgrounds. There's always a new fried delicacy at the fair, and this year it appears to be Fried Ribs. I think I'll stick with the tried and true fried-cheese-on-a-stick and corn dogs, but maybe David will be able to report on the fried ribs. We're headed back tomorrow night - did I mention that I love the fair?

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