Friday, August 3, 2007

Fair Weather

We tried the fried ribs. Not bad, but I don't think we'll try to recreate it at home!
Me, Chuck, and Kelly enjoying some of the delicacies at the fair.
David and me on the mid-way
The fair with our friends was fun as always! There's never an end to the people watching, especially since Saliva was playing the night we were there. Saliva is a metal band, according to Chuck and Kelly. As middle and high school teachers, they tend to know a lot more about pop culture than the rest of us! It's a good thing - someone has to keep us from becoming out of touch geezers!
Last night we went to the ballgame with Todd. Cardinals lost, but that didn't dampen our enjoyment of the game. Plenty of people watching there too! I don't think I really watched much of the game as there was just too much going on around us!

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