Monday, January 19, 2009

The Latest From the Fremont House

I am feeling much much better. The mono was very short lived, considering that the doctor said I'd feel better in a couple of weeks. I was lucky - a couple of days was really all it took. Nonetheless, nothing much has happened around here. There was a beautiful sunrise over Smitty's one day. :)

Our dishwasher met it's untimely demise and was declared dead by the appliance repairman on Friday. We started shopping for a new one Saturday. We have freakishly large dinner plates, so that's something to consider in the selection of a new dishwasher. We also found that I am pretty picky about the location of the silverware basket. I didn't know I had strong opinions on that, but it turns out I do! We found a couple of contenders. For now, we're washing by hand. If you come over before we get a new one, plan to eat on paper!

We enjoyed my mom and dad and Jim and Patty for dinner on Friday for red beans and rice. On Sunday, Dawn and I went to dinner and got caught up. We usually have the company of her sweet boys, which is always fun. But, it was nice this time to have dinner just the two of us. I'm not sure when the last time was that we logged that much girl time!

I have been off work today for MLK, Jr. day. I should have used the time better, but can we just pretend it was a mono relapse? I didn't do much of anything today but keep the cats and dog company. I think Henrietta is loosing her patience with winter. I did quite a bit of laundry today, so she took advantage of the warm dryer every chance she got. Don't worry - I always make sure the dryer is cat-free before turning it on.

Well, you see why I haven't posted. I have been severely boring lately! Mark your calendars - LOST begins on Wednesday!


Keetha said...

Is that a sunrise or a sunset? Whichever it is - - - it is GORGEOUS!!!

David said...

Two quick things…
1. when have you been up to see a sunrise… or were you just getting in?
2. quit airing our dirty laundry out on the internet for the whole world to see. Oh, wait… that’s clean laundry. Never mind.
Headed home as I write this. See ya soon


Erin said...

Mr. Smarty Pants - I was on my way to work when I saw the sunrise. You have a point though, I have voluntarily seen very few sunrises in my life. Homeward bound - YAHOO!!!