Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick seems that I am sick. My headache that I couldn't get rid of? Mono. I know! How does a 32 year old married woman get mono? I can't figure that out either. It's funny though. Before I went to the doctor, I just thought I was being especially lazy. Now that I have a name for what I have, it's given me permission to be sick. I slept all night and then slept again from 10-5 today. I am just a barrel of fun, but the doctor says I should feel better in a couple of weeks. A couple of WEEKS? Seriously? Oh well. At least it is January. I guess I won't miss much. If I am absent from blog land for a little while, keep checking back. I'll be napping in the meantime.


Keetha said...

Did you ever have mono in the past? My built in expert diagnostician (that would be my ER PA hubby) syas if you've ever had mono in the past, this could be a revisitation of it. So, have you had it in the past??? Curious minds want to know - - - -

Hope you get feeling better. Rest all you can while you can. Wish I was closer, I'd bring you some yummy chicken and noodles - - -they cure whatever ails ya!!!

(At least that is the Indiana cure)

Erin said...

Hi Keetha - this is my first known bout with mono. I am thinking this may be a good diet plan, as I'm not hungry very often! Although, chicken and noodles does sound pretty good!
Off for another nap!

Keetha said...

Bless your heart! Rest and watch lots of daytime TV and eat soup. That's my prescription. :-)