Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Outside there is sleet and freezing rain, but inside there are three warm pets.
Tuley was a bit wet after dining outside, so he spent the evening napping in his Bahamas beach towel.

Gracie discovered that someone didn't put her coat away, so that was a nice warm spot to lay.


Keetha said...

Do these pets wrap themselves up in these towels/afghans????

Erin said...

Teehee! I have very smart pets! Not really... The blanket got tossed over Henrietta when I got up, and she just didn't bother to move. Tuley is very cooperative about wearing any kind of clothing or hat, so I left the towel on him after drying off and he just laid down while still wearing it. If only the cats were as agreeable to wearing hats! :)