Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rather Unimportant Milestone

The Land Rover Discovery has completed 170,000 miles.

I purchased this vehicle in November of 1997 at the Land Rover Dealer in Nashville, TN. I drove the Discovery until the summer of 2003 when, with about 100,000 miles on the odometer, I sold it to a buddy in Lebanon, MO. He drove it for a year or so and sold it to a fellow in Marshfield, MO. From time to time I would see the Rover, mostly around town and occasionally on I 44 between Springfield and Marshfield. In the spring of 2007 I tracked down the owner and asked if he would consider selling the Discovery back to me. A few weeks went by and we negotiated a deal. In April of 2007 the Discovery came home. My hopes are to keep the truck for as long as my pocketbook will allow. I’d eventually like to retire it from daily driver status and only drive it when we camp or want to do some light off-roading. The Rover needs some work and an engine rebuild will be in its future. For now it starts and runs well enough to get me where I need to go. KNOCK WOOD!


Erin said...

Happy 170! I have a bit of sentimental attachment to that truck too. It's what David drove when we met. I didn't know a thing about Land Rovers, but I thought having 2 sunroofs was pretty cool. It took me to my first Jimmy Buffet concert with a lighted fin on top. Seeing it pull into my driveway back in those days was always a good feeling. Now that David is a travelin' man, seeing that cool old truck in the driveway means hubby is home. It hope it's with us for a long time too.

Keetha said...

That is a cool vehicle, and a VERY cool story to go with it. I've never heard of anyone keeping such good track of a sold vehicle and eventually getting it back!!!!

Keetha said...

That is a great story!

I drove an Acura Integra for almost eight years - it had over 200,000 miles on it when I got rid of it and I still miss that car sometimes.