Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No More Space Rating for Me

I took all of my pictures off Rate My Space this morning. I don't like those people. Yes, my refrigerator is cluttered. With pictures of family and my friends and their kids. And with interesting articles, concert tickets. Whatever. Good stuff on there. My bedroom lamps do not need to grow up. They are fine. And the fan that someone said looked old? It is old. It is also not a functional fan. It is called an antique.

Clearly, I do not suffer criticism gladly. So my pictures are gone. No more Rate My Space for me. I rated it myself - it is perfect for the people and pets who reside there and that's all that matters.

And thank you Indiana Keetha for your kind comment! :) You're much nicer than the people who peruse Rate My Space in the middle of the night.


Keetha said...

Here's what I think - it's your own darn space and you should decorate it as you wish, period, the end.

I would have gotten my little feelings hurt for sure had I posted photos that prompted snarky comments questioning my taste.

Taste is subjective! I think anything you truly love never goes out of style.

Keetha said...

What Kudzu Keetha said times three!!!

I LOVE your space. LOVE it - - - just keep blogging about it on here with those of us who also LOVE you!!!

I do not believe the words "constructive" and "criticism" belong in the same sentence.

Criticism is - - - - well CRITICISM, and it never "helps" me.