Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs of Spring

The first sign of spring is that the Chicks and Rabbits appear at Hobby Lobby. I know - it's a strange place to buy food. I was there for something else and these were an impulse buy. I ate at least a third of them on my way home from Hobby Lobby. It's a good thing I don't live further away!
Next, the leaves of these tiny daffodils come up. Yesterday morning, the daffodils were still hiding, but by yesterday afternoon they'd opened up. They're so cute - just about 5 inches tall and always the first to bloom.

We love sleeping with the windows open. At first, I wake up with a stuffy nose, but it's well worth it. The cats are big fans of open windows too. I don't think they sleep as much when the windows are open - they're too busy hunting the birds outside.

The fourth sign of spring is that pansies appear around our mailbox. I thought that last fall's crop might come back, but I got tired of waiting. So, a few packs of pansies later, it's beginning to look a little more colorful!
My apologies for the lack of posting. I could lie and say I've been too busy, but the truth is I've just been too boring to post. Just watching the world transform from gray winter to green spring!


Keetha said...

Hubby loves those marshmallow type of candies, but not me!!!

Our signs of spring up here are a coupe of days of 60 degree weather - - - oh wait - - - it's 70 right now - - - and the promise that IF it snows any more, it won't last long. No flowers yet. No leaves yet. I haven't looked for chicks and rabbits.

Keetha said...

Your post inspired me to get a "treat" for hubby. I didn't see any "chicks and bunnies" so I got him circus peanuts, which in my opinion are in the same category and which he loves.