Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmother!

For as long as I can remember, my Grandmother has been one of my favorite people. She's not just the mother of my mother, but she has been my friend too. I loved staying at her house when I was little. Even trips to the grocery store were fun with her. I thought she must live the most glamorous life. The car I remember best had velvety red upholstery, which must be the absolute lap of luxury. She dressed up and wore heels for her job at a bank. I had great plans to work at a bank when I grew up so that I too could dress up every day. :)

Remember how I almost failed 7th grade home ec? My Grandmother was the one to bail me out. I spent the weekend at her house making a pair of shorts to save my grade. I didn't inherit her sewing abilities, that's for sure!

As I got older, staying at Grandmother's meant that she and I would go rent a movie - sometimes it might be something that my mom wouldn't have let me watch (shhh!). It also meant getting to take a bath in Grandmother's bathtub. The jet attachment made great mounds of bubbles and she never complained that I turned the water back on several times to heat it up and revive the bubbles.

In high school, my parents put my Grandmother and I on a plane bound for northern California to see my aunt. I'm not sure who was supposed to look after who, but we had a great time. And...we both made it back!
I am lucky to have known all of my grandparents, but I feel especially lucky to have such a good friend as my Grandmother has been.
Happy birthday Grandmother! See you for lunch!


Keetha said...

All that and she's adorable too!

Connie said...

How sweet is that? John D. will never be able to top that:) Love, Aunt Connie

PS See YOU at lunch!

Keetha said...

Again, what a great tribute! My grandmother's 85th birthday is Thursday. We're lucky to have such great women in our lives. Happy birthday to her!