Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going Where the Weather Suits His Clothes

Since David started his job, he's been heading northeast almost every week. Every other week, he goes to Canada - Montreal and Toronto. Here's the weather for this week in Montreal.

This week, he is heading southeast. He will be in Orlando tomorrow and Miami on Tuesday. The weather that direction is looking better!

I'm glad not to worry this week about icy roads! :) See you soon David!


Keetha said...

From one extreme to the other!

David said...

Suits not only my clothes but also my attitude towards work.

My co-driver and I spent the night backed up to a dock at the Miami International Airport. We called our freight handler yesterday to let him know that we would be ready to off-load early this morning. We were hoping to get unloaded at 6:30 or 7:00. The freight handler said he couldn’t possibly be to work that early. He suggested 9:00 or later. He got to work at 9:20, had a couple cups of coffee, and then took care of us.

Maybe it’s just this certain dock hand but it seems that NO ONE in Miami is much of a hurry. Maybe it’s too hot to rush.

YEA, I could get use to wearing shorts and t-shirts in February and the leisure pace of the work day.


David said...

I’m headed west across Interstate 75 ALLIGTOR ALLEY. We have a few stops on the western side of Florida and then up in the panhandle. We will make our last stop in Pensacola Wednesday morning and head for home. I can’t say how much MORE I enjoy starring out at palm trees instead of snow covered fields.

Davie Likie


David said...

So Close Yet So Far

It’s 164 miles from Miami to Key West. How would I explain the additional 300 plus miles to my employer? My mouth is watering thinking about the Gumbo at Caroline’s, the Omelets at the Pink Flamingo CafĂ©, or ANYTHING on the menu at The Blue Rendezvous. Did I mention the Gumbo at Caroline’s? MmMmMmMm