Sunday, February 8, 2009


Poor Henny. I had noticed some black flecks where she would sit, but I didn't really associate it with anything. Then, I was petting her and noticed a live bug. Uck! We bought a flea comb and found that she was covered in those black flecks. And there were a couple more bugs. Flea combing Gracie turned up nothing. I wasn't sure that the bugs were fleas, so I trapped one under tape and stuck it to a white paper. An appointment was made for Henny. First, the crazy cat lady - that would be me - showed the vet tech the bug taped to paper. Yep. Flea. I wonder how many people can't identify a flea? She weighed Henny then left us alone in the room to wait for the vet. I started to take Henny's picture for the blog when the vet tech returned to ask a question. Sitting with my camera in hand, I tried to stutter an explanation for why I was taking pictures of my cat at the vet. She smiled and pretended to understand. I'm sure I have solidified my standing as the crazy cat lady.

Oh, and a bit of Frontline has started to clear up the buggy problem.

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David said...

The fleas took one bite of Gracie and decided they didn’t like the taste of spit and vinegar.