Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Meat and Clean Dishes

On Thursday, David put himself in charge of dinner. I happily relented. Soon after I got home, this beautiful meal arrived at the table. Ribeyes, baked potatoes (yes, it's there - under the cheese and butter), and green beans (you know, for color). Yum!!! It was so delicious. Just focus on that juicy steak and pay no attention to the fact that we use paper towels for napkins. Also please overlook the plastic Jimmy John's cup. :)
Also on Thursday, our new dishwasher was installed. WAHOO!!! The bottom of the new one sits further back, which left a bare bit of unfinished floor. It didn't look very good. It also seemed to be just hair narrower than the old which left small gaps on the sides. The unfinished look made me not quite as excited as I might otherwise have been. David didn't say much, but by the next day he'd stained some pieces of trim to match our cabinets. Saturday, he cut them to fit and installed a piece under the dishwasher and narrow pieces on the sides to hide the gaps. It matches amazingly well and now looks great! I sure married well, didn't I? :) Thank you David!

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Keetha said...

OK, that dinner looks seriously good!!!