Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Living With Less - An Introduction

This post swims around in my head from time to time, but always gets too lengthy. It keeps coming back to me, whispering in my ear to share it, so I've decided to do it a little at a time.

Stuff. My relationship with my possessions goes back a long way. I'm told that when I was little (3 or so), I cried on vacation because I missed my toys. For several years around age 12, I arranged my Christmas gifts on the sofa so that I could take pictures of my haul. If I can find any of those, I'll scan them so you can see. I really liked my stuff!

Recently, I've started to be a little more aware of the sheer quantity of stuff that I have. To keep the house from looking cluttered, closets and drawers have been filled to overflowing. I can hardly watch an episode of Hoaders without starting to clean out something. I've been reading several blogs on minimalism and decluttering - some extreme minimalists who can carry all of their possessions in a backpack to others who seem more like me.

People who know me and who have spent time in our house might think that me and any form of minimalism can't possibly exist in the same sentence. By no means do I have plans to scale down to a backpack, but I can let go of some things that I don't need and I can try to bring fewer things into the house. I can choose to live with less.


KellyM said...

The hoarding shows are bad for my mental health. I have taken the same mind set about decluttering. I am not always good about it, but I am trying it too. Good luck with your efforts. Sunday will be good for this endeavor.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

My children ALWAYS lined up their Christmas goodies like that for a photo!

Now that I am moving - - - the accumulation of "stuff" is less and less desirable. I do hope I do some major weeding out.