Sunday, April 17, 2011

Burma Road

As David, and Charles Kuralt, noted it's possible to stay on big highways and not see much of anything. Whenever we pass an interesting looking dirt road, David gets a little gleam in his eye. Usually we just travel on though. We have some place to be, not enough time to explore. With our change in plans due to the road to the North Rim being closed, we had a little unexpected time. Enough time to check out this narrow steep road call Burma Road.So off we went. We met one car full of young men going the other way, but that was the only other sign of life for quite a while.
The truck cooperatively posed for a few pictures.
We saw a sign noting that this was a burned area and to watch for fallen trees. We soon came upon a national forest employee who was working on clearing some trees from the road. He was very friendly, and answered all of our questions. He told us that the fire had been in 2006, and that every time the wind blows, a new set of burned trees fall. Sure enough, just a little way up the road a large pine had fallen and was blocking the road. Not deterred, David winched it out of the way while I walked around in the woods thinking how it smell like a campfire.
Here's a shot of some of the burned area. It was very strange to look across and see a whole hill's worth of trees blackened.
The fallen tree didn't slow us down much and we are almost at the end of the road where it would drop us back at a highway when we encountered snow. David worked and got us through a large patch of wet, heavy snow, but as we reached the top of the road, we could see that we couldn't make it to the highway that way. We turned around and headed back down. Even though we were retracing our steps, everything sure looked different from the other direction!


Keetha Broyles said...

We have some dirt road stories of our own - - - - -

Most with what are NOW hilarious endings, not so much at the time - - -

Keetha said...

Ya'll are so adventurous. What fun!