Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet Me at the Mission At Midnight

In need of a break from all things vehicular, David took me to Tumacacori, a misson begun in the mid-1800's. It's about 30 miles north of the Mexican border. Since I can't seem to get into the National Park website (government shutdown?), and we only borrowed the little booklet, I can't tell you much about this place, other than it was very interesting. And that a wedding was being set up there as we were getting ready to leave. A few things that I remember: The church was only part of a mission and was often built last as was this case.
Here we are, being a little silly (blame the heat) in the food storage area of the mission.
This was also the food storage area. I was fascinated by the light coming in through all the windows, doors, and open roofs.
I don't know this guy. ;)
Can you spot David in the picture above? That's his Gracie impression.
The cemetery. Two priests are also buried in the floor of the alter area of the church.
Before the NPS took over the mission and began work to improve it, countless people passing through used it for shelter. The picture above is taken from the robe room where priests would prepare for the church service. There is graffiti on the walls dating back to the 1800's, and the ceiling is black from the many fires built in that room for warmth by people traveling.

Even when the church was in use, there were no pews or chairs. The congregation would spend the entire service alternating between kneeling on the rock floor or standing. Hope those sermons weren't long!

Post title credit: The Refreshments, Banditos


Keetha Broyles said...

Way better than a vehicle!

Dawn said...

David did a FINE Gracie impression! LOL