Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mulch Much?

(Written on Sunday) Yesterday, we spent 12, yes 12, hours whipping our yard into shape.  Someone before us put in all this rock, sectioning off about a third of the back yard.  If we don't keep up with it, it becomes a mess of weeds and ugliness.  Last summer, we didn't get any mulch put down and it was really looking bad this spring. we went to the landscaping place with the truck and dump trailer for 6 cubic yards of mulch.  That doesn't really sound like a lot...but it is.  A. Lot.  But we got it done and are happy with the results.  It hurts today to stand...or sit...or walk...or move, but it was worth the effort.
 When we weren't cheering on the Drury Panthers to victory today, I was doing this.  David got me a hammock for Christmas, and I love it!  It's so comfortable!  Riley might be a little jealous.  I think he wonders where the dog hammock is!  It's awfully nice to kick back and just enjoy a job well done.

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MOM said...

There's something about hard work that is very satisfying at the day's end! Good job!