Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Water for Elephants

I love the book and movie Water for Elephants.  A traveling circus seems like such a fascinating and foreign life.  It's lucky for me that we have a circus headquartered right here in our town AND David knows the owner.  When we were gifted with tickets to see the show while they were in town, we happily accepted.  The seats were great!  This first shot is taken without a zoom.  We were just a few rows up from the floor.
 The big cats are a new-to-us part of the show.  They are beautiful and so regal.  They reminded us so much of our own two cats at home, albeit a bit larger.  The mannerisms are very similar though!
 The circus was in a different location this year, mainly because this big guy is TOO big for their usual venue. Bo is incredibly graceful for such "big boned" critter.  He really seems to enjoy the crowd's applause.
I should have taken more pictures, but I was too busy watching with my mouth hanging agape.  I didn't get even a single picture of the motorcycle stunts, but I think that may have been my favorite part.   
 Or maybe the sparkly costumes are my favorite.  Or maybe Bo.  Or maybe the high flying trapeze artists.  Or maybe the little elephant that is really a dog, or maybe...  I can't choose.  I just loved the whole thing!


MOM said...

Oh my, I got so excited about the Panthers over the weekend that I completely forgot about the elephants & tigers!! Looks like you had fun.

Keetha Broyles said...

My aunt and uncle ran away with the circus when they were in their 70s. He p last ayed trumpet in the circus band and she sold tickets and tutored circus children. They lived and traveled with the circus for several years.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and dialogue of your evening.

Dan & Leila