Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guest Room Update

While I was window shopping (ha ha!  Get it?), I found a neat spray of orange berries for the pitcher in the bathroom.  I added a few real twigs and really like it.  
 Without further ado, here is the newly refreshed guest room.  Anyone coming to stay?
 A cozy new quilt, fresh new sheets, and a sweet little accent pillow.  I think the colors in this quilt will make it easy to add a little Christmas cheer in here.
 Here's the little white dresser, which I painted gold before I knew that the color I thought was gold in the quilt was actually green.  Now the dresser is my old stand-by - Eddie Bauer wicker.  The window and wreath was a pinterest inspired addition, and pictures will be added to the frames soon.
 I've taken everything out of this white cabinet twice trying to figure out the best way to arrange it.  I think I like this version.  I had some loose pictures, so rather than buy and find space for more frames, I got some tiny clothes pins and made a little display of the loose pictures by clipping them to some twine strung between two thumbtacks.
I'm not quite finished with this project, but I think I'm finished for now.  It has been a lot of fun...for me.  Maybe not for the guy who got tasked with hanging the picture. :)


Anonymous said...

Love all of it. Leila

Anonymous said...

Very inviting!
I think it should be
featured in Country Sampler!!
I especially like the
wedding veil in the corner!