Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alley Springs Camping

Last weekend we camped at Alley Springs State Park.  It may be one of my favorite places to camp.  There weren't many other campers, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.
 We checked out the mill, which has been worked on this summer.  It looked freshly painted.
 The blue water looks almost unreal because of it's color, but it is a really picturesque place.
 The kids (both big and small) explored some caves.
 This was spring water, so it was cold cold cold, but Riley didn't mind.
 Child labor laws don't prevent children from helping set up a tent, do they? ;)
 Emily, age 4, might be a budding photographer.  She snapped this picture of me.  There was also a picture of my knees, one of my shirt, and another of her own forehead. ;)
 The kids were lots of fun and there was lots for them to do, like climbing this rock.
 And this rock!  Matthew, age 3, is a talented climber.  If his mama would let him, I think he'd be happy to do some serious rock climbing!
 After some trail and cave exploration, the kids and dogs cooled off with some wading.
 I have long threatened just to tie Riley to Emma, since Emma will come back when you call her and Riley generally does not.  On Sunday morning, when David, Todd, Scotty, and I were the only ones in our section of the campground, I finally tried it.  It was pretty entertaining and they didn't seem to know or mind being connected.  I felt sorry for Emma after a little while, as Riley kept pulling on her, but it worked well for a while!
 We weren't quite ready to go home and face the post-camping laundry and unpacking, so we checked out Devil's Pool and rode the Akers Ferry just for fun.
 It was a really great, relaxing camping trip.  It's a pretty rare occurrence that I'm not ready to go home after camping, but I could have happily stayed another night.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time camping. We love that area; however, we have not camped there. Dan & Leila

Anonymous said...

Dad and I sat down last night
and took the "tour" of your
campout together!! So many
great pictures and, of course,
enjoyed the "dialogue" also!
I can see why the location is
one of your favorite campsites!

Erin said...

Dad looked at the blog?! I am shocked! :)