Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happily Ever After, Every Now and Then

Saturday morning at the beach was so nice that we decided on a repeat performance for Sunday.  We chose a different spot and settled in.
 I thought these morning glories growing out of sand and coral were pretty.
 I think we'll be taking our hammocks on every vacation from now on.
 Still pretty cloudy, but no rain, so no complaints from us!
 For lunch we decided to try out a place we'd heard about but never been, so we hopped on our trusty bicycle and tricycle and cruised over to Sandy's.  Sandy's operates out of the corner of a laundry mat, and seems to be a local favorite.  I had the Cuban mix, and David had the Sandy's sandwich, which is the Cuban Mix, plus some extra goodies like bacon.  It was delicious!
 We didn't tour any of the places we'd already been like the Hemingway House or lighthouse, but I did want to take a tour of something different.  After lunch we pedaled over to the Audubon House.
 We've seen them setting up for weddings here, and I always wondered what was behind those walls.  The house is beautifully restored, and the grounds were gorgeous!
 Couldn't go to Key West and not stop by Captain Tony's!
 No sunset to speak of, but we enjoyed watching the street performers again at Mallory Square.
We returned to Caroline's for dinner and enjoyed visiting with our favorite server from our 2012 trip. We hated to see our trip end - the only way I managed to leave was a promise of a return trip in 2017 if not before.  See you soon, Key West!

**Yes, the title is from another Buffett song...what did you expect? ;)

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Dawn said...

Where did you buy your hammock?? I'm wanting to get one too :)

(Crack me up... my Captcha image made me select all of the pictures with waffles in it - did you do this on purpose?? Because it is great :)