Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sew What?

Sewing and I have a long and complicated history, starting in 7th grade Home Ec.  Long story short, the teacher would not even grade the shirt I made which resulted in me spending the weekend at my Grandmother's making a pair of shorts to turn in instead.  I tried again in high school Home Ec, with slightly better results, but not by much.  I believe high school was probably the last time I used a sewing machine.  
 So, 20-some years later, I have borrowed my Grandmother's sewing machine.  I'm hoping that somehow her machine is blessed with her sewing skills!  I sat down at it last night for the first time.  My first attempts are in the picture above.  The machine was already threaded, but came undone after those first two lines.
 I huffed, I puffed, I read the book.  Got it threaded, only to have the bobbin thread disappear into the nether regions of the machine.  I read, I huffed, I puffed, I texted Mom, I nearly gave up.  But, somewhere in the depths of my brain, I remembered a few things from those Home Ec days.
 I got it threaded again and went to town, trying out different stitches and attempting to make straight lines.
 I decided that I needed a little project, so I made this little pillow.  I didn't have stuffing, so like my pioneer ancestors before me, I stuffed it with strips of old Hanes t-shirt. doubt my version of history? ;)
I'm already looking forward to seeing what I can make this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere they were making pillows out of old T-shirts (using them for stuffing is a good idea also). When you need a big sewing project, I also have seen quilts made from old T-shirts(Dan has enough he won't get rid of I could make several quilts).

Anonymous said...

When will you quit your day job?


Erin said...

Leila - Maybe I should work on a Jimmy Buffet t-shirt quilt. ;) I think I have enough!

Mom - maybe we should have a booth at some craft fairs instead of shopping at them. ;) By next year's fall craft season, I can have at least one more pillow and two dolls ready. Teehee!