Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Walk - June

On the first Friday of every month, Art Walk takes place in downtown Springfield. For the summer, they've added free concerts and a small Farmer's Market, so we went to check it out this past Friday. You may remember how enamored I was with the fire dancers when we went in April.

It was packed. The band that we saw played a mix of rockabilly and blue grass and was fabulous. As was the people watching. I'd take Art Walk over an overpriced movie any day. It's free and the entertainment is abundant - on and off stage. See the girls at the right in the picture above? They appear to be wearing dresses made out of newspaper. They were handing out information on MSU's Tent Theater, but I'm not sure what the paper dresses had to do with that. There were lots of sites to see: guys in suits roller blading through the square, a cocker spaniel with a mohawk, a group campaigning to legalize marijuana, a recycling task force, and a boy riding a motorized skateboard. And that wasn't even the organized entertainment!

And of course...FIRE! The hula hoop girls weren't dancing with fire while we were there, but these guys were. I kept wondering how they could be spinning those things so close to each other without catching someone on fire, but it appears that they manage. It's really something to see!

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Keetha said...

How fun! I want to go.