Sunday, June 7, 2009

Painting Project

I thought I would spend a little while updating the blog this morning, so I hauled the laptop, power supply, and camera to the patio and plugged it all in. Before I really had the chance to begin, I saw a flash of light as if someone had just taken my picture. Soon after, I heard an ominous rumble. Hmmm...cameras don't make that sound. I decided it was best not to sit outside with one's laptop plugged in while it was storming, so I've moved in. As a compromise, I've opened the backdoor as wide as it will go. It's kind of like being outside, right?

On to the painting project...When we moved in, we needed something for the all-important TV to sit on. I found the perfect old handmade cabinet at a flea market. Just loved it. Paid for it and called David to please come pick it up for me. As soon as it was loaded in the truck, I began to have doubts. It was white. And kind of shiny. And a little falling a part on the inside. But I was committed, so home it went. We bought a swivel thing to put on the top so we could watch TV while we ate - we're classy like that. The world's heaviest TV sat on top and I got used to the bright white piece. It stayed right in that spot for a couple of years until we were shopping for new chairs for the living room. While chair shopping, we discovered a TV cabinet with doors to hide the TV and it came in red. When the new TV cabinet arrived, David asked what I thought of using the old one outside as a BBQ table for him to work and hold all his supplies. In short, what I thought of that idea was YUCK. Outside? Where people can see it? **Sigh**. Fine. Whatever.
It lost its swivel top, and gained a metal top. It got new handles and hooks. I still didn't like it out there. In the year and a half it's been outside, the weather really took a toll on the white paint. I like things that are distressed and worn and have chipped paint, but this was a little much.
One evening while Dave was away, I drug the shop vac around to the back of the house and scrapped off all the loose paint that I could. Another one of those times when the neighbors probably questioned my sanity. With the loose paint gone, there was no turning back. It was sanded and painted a lovely premixed color called Heirloom White.
And you know what? With it's new paint job, I kind of like the old thing.


Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE the "old thing" in it's new dress. I just HOPE the outdoor weather doesn't kill it.

David said...

Please note that the piece of furniture is to be used as a side-board of sorts when I'm cooking out. Difficult to use as as I had intended when it's covered in flowering arrangements. Just giving you a hard time... love ya,


Erin said...

Let's see...lovely flowers every day, or used for cooking out once every two weeks or so...hmmm. :)