Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fair Weather

On the second day of our St. Louis weekend, we headed to World's Fair Donuts to kick off our World's Fair themed day.  
 If you've never been there, you need to know that you're not really there for the donuts.  They're good, but it's the atmosphere that you are really there to see.  It looks like time stopped on the day the shop opened.  It's really a cute place, but not fixed up to look vintage so much as it's just never changed.
 Next we went to Forrest Park to see the World's Fair Pavilion and the World's Fair exhibit at the Missouri History Museum.
 I did not know that Dad's been talking about seeing this for a while now, but I was really glad that we got to go when I found out.  It was an interesting exhibit and we all learned a lot, but I wished there was more "big stuff" to see - like one of the cars from the Observation Wheel (ferris wheel) that held 60 people - per car!
 After our brains were full, it was time to fill our stomachs.  Hodak's had been recommended to us by friends, so we got in line behind many other people to wait for a table.  Despite the long line, we didn't have to wait long before delicious plates of food arrived in front of us.
It was very good...and very filling!  Somehow we made it all the way home without napping.  We had a great weekend in St. Louis - full of fun and good food.  

**Fair Weather is a young adult book by Richard Peck about the Chicago World's Fair


Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend!
Looking forward to another
Downing Adventure in the future!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

These Downing Adventures are reminding me of our Parker Adventures; or maybe we just have wanderlust.